Our Brands

VERSATILE has the claim of being the first North American manufacturer to mass-produce and market articulated four-wheel drive tractors. Since Versatile opened more than 50 years ago, the plant on Clarence Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has built over 100,000 tractors. Currently, the plant builds fixed-frame front-wheel assist tractors from 175 to 365 horsepower and articulated four-wheel drives and DeltaTrack models from 405 to 620, designed on the cornerstones of reliability, durability, and ease of service and maintenance.

Versatile’s corporate headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba is home to a 700,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The location features product specific manufacturing, assembly, engineering, research/development and test site facilities.

FARM KING is a leader in building top quality farm implements for many agricultural applications. Products include grain augers, mowers, bale carriers, snowblowers and compact implements.

Farm King products are manufactured in Morden, Manitoba, Canada. Farm King has numerous warehouses across the United States and Canada for product setup and parts distribution. The dealer network of over 1,200 North American locations provides first class service and professional expertise to farmers and customers.

At Farm King we strive to build top of the line agricultural equipment to best suit the needs of farmers around the world. The commitment to quality and durability has always been a staple within the company and this trend will continue into the future.