Versatile celebrates 100,000 tractors
Winnipeg, Manitoba
October 26, 2011

On October 26, 2011, Versatile celebrated a huge milestone at the factory at 1260 Clarence Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The 100,000th tractor rolled off the line shortly after noon and a ceremony and celebration was held to commemorate the event. The 100,000th tractor, a Versatile 305 row crop, was decked out with special metallic paint, chromed exhaust grille and tip and chrome steps, as well as a special mural decal featuring all the Versatile tractors built at the factory dating back to 1966.

Grant Adolph, Chief Operating Officer of Buhler Industries, summarized the milestone. "Throughout the years we have taken pride in building simple and reliable tractors that farmers can afford. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and 100,000 customers have proven that! This 100,000th tractor represents 528 months, 6000 man years of direct labor, 591,348 tires, 972,000 tons of steels and nearly 24 million horsepower, all built at 1260 Clarence Avenue!"

Rodney, Chris and Cade Bracelin of Goodlands, KS, purchased the 100,000th tractor. They represent three generations and have owned more than 20 Versatile-built tractors. Jon Yost of Yost Farm Supply was also on-hand to celebrate. "We're excited that we could be here for this event," Yost said, "We've been selling Versatile tractors at our location in St.Francis, KS since 1968."

The 100,000th tractor will tour various farm shows this winter and will be delivered to the Bracelins in time for spring.

Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX: BUI), is the only Canadian manufacturer of agricultural tractors. The factory in Winnipeg, Manitoba covers almost 700,000 square feet with complete manufacturing and assembly capabilities and full research and development facilities. Versatile also has a rural 40-acre test site with a paved quarter-mile circuit and bump-track. For more information on Versatile tractors visit


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