Buhler adds grain vac to grain handling line
Louisville, KY
February 11, 2009

Buhler will unveil a new addition to its line of grain handling equipment at the National Farm Machinery Show. The Buhler Grain Vac will offer farmers added flexibility for moving grain, whether loading or offloading the truck, cleaning out the bin, or transferring grain from one bin to another.

The Buhler Grain Vac is a powerful pneumatic air system that moves grain without the use of augers. Grain is sucked into the vac and enters the main tank where it is separated from the air. The grain is forced out of the vac and the air flows to the second tank where the dust is separated before the air returns through blower. The dust collection system in the second tank cleans the air of debris that can wear down blower components, enhancing the longevity of the blower. The dust collector is conveniently located on the machine and can be emptied by unlocking a simple latch and removing the collector pail.

The forces behind the system are powerful blower and airlock components that are precision machined to strict tolerances to ensure there is no air loss. This means that the grain vac can maintain suction and discharge capacity over longer distances.

The airlock features rotors with steel tips that can be adjusted to provide optimum air flow to keep the machine operating at peak performance. The steel rotors are driven by a hydraulic motor that is reversible and pressure protected to prevent damage. The hydraulics can be run through the tractor or by an optional self-contained hydraulic system built into the vac.

The grain is discharged through a rotating vertical boom. The boom is hydraulically lifted to operating height and swivels easily into position. A 12’ discharge boom is standard and a high-boom model is also available. An optional dual inlet model is available for moving grain from bin-to-bin.

Several attachments are available including a telescoping tube, full bin nozzle, floor wand and shoulder-mounted hand-held wand. Hoses and attachments connect to the machine through reliable quick-connect camlock couplers. In addition to being easy to use, these couplers eliminate air loss to ensure that vacuum pressure is maintained.

The Buhler Grain Vac will be on display from February 11-14, 2009 at Booths 4024 (West Wing) and 8008 (Pavilion) at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. More information is available www.buhler.com.

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