Buhler introduces new auger features
Winnipeg, MB
June 20, 2008

Buhler Farm King is introducing new auger options at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK. New options include a hydraulic winch and hopper mover for Backsaver Augers and a new auger mover for the conventional line of augers.

“Both time and labor are in tight supply on the farm,” explains Lorne Enns, Sales Manager for Buhler Farm King. “Our customers want features that save effort and time, particularly during seeding and harvest. These new auger options will help address some of these concerns.” 

Premiering at the show is an auger mover for gas-drive Buhler conventional augers. Built to be durable and easy to use, the auger mover is controlled by a handlebar system conveniently located near the front of the auger. Forward and reverse movements are controlled by rocking the handlebars up and down, while two levers above the handlebars control the hydraulic lift and hydraulic winch. Two hydraulic motors mounted to the inside of the wheels are used to drive the auger. The gas engine that runs the auger provides the power for the entire system. Auger movers are available in two sizes to accommodate various lengths of Buhler conventional auger.

Enns says that an auger mover is important to farmers. “We’ve talked with many customers about this to determine if an auger mover is essential. The overwhelming response confirmed our decision to offer a full-feature auger. Conventional augers need to be relatively self-contained, so they can be moved around without assistance.”

Also on display in Regina are new options for Buhler Backsaver Augers. The hydraulic winch eliminates the need to manually winch the swing away hopper into place for transport. The hydraulic winch uses one set of tractor hydraulic outlets and is operated by a lever mounted near the end of the main auger tube.

Also available is a hydraulic hopper mover for the swing away hopper. The hydraulic hopper mover uses powerful hydraulic motors attached to two wheels on the swing away hopper. The hopper mover is operated from a lever on the auger tube of the swing away auger to move the hopper forwards and backwards for easy hopper positioning.

The conventional auger mover will be available on Buhler gas-drive conventional augers later this year; the retail price has not been determined. The hydraulic hopper mover and hydraulic winch are available now for $1750 and $1675 respectively.

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