New high-capacity auger makes its Northeastern US debut
Winnipeg, MB
June 20, 2006

 The new Buhler Farm King 16104 Backsaver Auger, one of the largest grain augers available in North America, will be on display at the Ohio Farm Science Review. The show, which runs from September 19 - 21, 2006 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center, near London, OH, is the first farm show in the United States to host the new high-capacity auger introduced earlier this year.

With a length of 104 feet, the 16104 Backsaver Auger will be one of the longest pieces of equipment on display at the show. The auger will also be among the tallest, with a 77-foot vertical reach. The tube measures 16 inches in diameter and is reinforced with 3/4-inch upper bridging cable and 1/2 inch side bridging cable. The 16104 Backsaver Auger is the most tested prototype in the 74-year history of Buhler Farm King.

The auger will be on display throughout the duration of the show at Lot #82, at the corner of Corn Ave and Hay Street, at the Ohio Farm Science Review show grounds. Buhler Manufacturing is a division of Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX: BUI) that designs, manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment. The products are marketed under the Buhler® brand name, including the Farm King®, Allied®, Inland® and Versatile® product lines. Buhler Industries Inc. operates ten modern manufacturing and eight distribution centers totaling over 1.6 million square feet of facilities in the United States and Canada and employs more than 800 people. For more information visit


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