Buhler Farm King launches new 16" high capacity grain auger
Winnipeg, MB
March 1, 2006

Buhler Manufacturing is responding to customer demands for a high capacity grain auger by launching the new 16104 Backsaver® auger. The auger, with a 16” diameter and 104’ tube, has been in development for nearly 4 years was the most tested prototype in the 74-year history of Buhler Farm King.

“We tested and retested the 16104,” explains Steve Froese, Sales Manager for Buhler Manufacturing. “We went back to the drawing board several times to make certain that the auger was strong enough to meet the demands of our customers. The result is a massive piece of grain handling equipment that we feel will become the benchmark of the industry.”

The Buhler Farm King 16104 grain auger comes with the features most requested by farmers, including Buhler’s Backsaver technology that includes a swing away auger with a self-leveling hopper. Simply by using the hydraulic system on the tractor, the operator can raise and lower the auger from the tractor cab, as well as lift the swing away auger in preparation for transport. On the ground, the hopper can be moved back and forth using the auger-mounted hydraulic controls. This system removes most of the physical labor that was once required during grain handling.

The scissor-lift feature, used on Buhler Farm King augers since 1982, allows the 16104 to be raised to a maximum height of 77'. The 3/4 inch cable on the upper bridge and the 1/2 inch cable on the side bridge provide maximum stability and durability.

Consideration was also given to lighting. The 16104 is equipped with safety lights necessary for highway transportation as well as spotlights to help with after-hours operation.

The 16104 complements the Buhler Farm King line of augers, which includes 7", 8" and 10" conventional augers and 10" and 13" Backsaver augers.

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Steve Froese
Sales Manager
Phone: (204) 362-0404
E-mail: sfroese@buhler.com

Trading symbol: BUI