Buhler increases his holdings in Inventronics
Winnipeg, MB
October 8, 2004

John Buhler, Chief Executive Officer of Buhler Industries Inc., has purchased 43,000 common shares of Inventronics Limited through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange, bringing his total to 730,500 common shares, representing approximately 10.5 percent of the 6,975,726 issued and outstanding common shares of Inventronics Limited.

John Buhler purchased the shares for investment purposes and is continuing to review his investment alternatives. He may acquire additional common shares; or make an offer to acquire all or part of the outstanding common shares of Inventronics Limited; or he may sell the shares he now holds in the open market or in privately negotiated transactions to one or more persons. John Buhler intends to request a meeting with the board of directors and management of Inventronics and looks forward to discussions that will help clarify his investment alternatives.

John Buhler is Chairman of the Board of Buhler Industries Inc. and the major shareholder, with approximately 55% of the outstanding shares. John Buhler made the purchases personally and Buhler Industries has no involvement in this transaction.


John Buhler
Phone: (204) 654-5700
E-mail: jbuhler@buhler.com

Trading symbol: BUI