Buhler Manufacturing introduces new commercial belt conveyor
Winnipeg, MB
April 8, 2003

Buhler Manufacturing has introduced a line of belt conveyors. Available in belt widths of 12", 16" and 22" with tube diameters of 10" and 14". They include both in-line and "swing" models. Scissor lift undercarriages are standard on swing models and optional on longer in-line models. Lengths range from 35' to 90' to accommodate bin heights up to 45’9" at 30 degrees of incline. Designed for gentle handling of pulse crops, conveyors avoid damage that may occur to commodities such as beans and sunflowers when handled by screw type augers. Fertilizer is another product best handled by the conveyor.

Buhler has a long history as a major producer of augers distributed under the Buhler Farm King brand name throughout the grain growing regions of North America and Australia.


Art Enns, Field Sales Manager
Phone: 1-888-524-1003 or (204) 661-8711
Cell: (204) 346-2084
E-mail: artenns@buhler.com

Trading symbol: BUI